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In the early 2000’s advances in inexpensive digital video cameras and easy to use editing software placed the means of production in the hands of any person with the will to become a filmmaker. It wasn’t long before web sites like YouTube and Vimeo provided creators with a way to get their work seen by a global audience. Technology is once again revolutionizing filmmaking – from professional creators to novice makers – this time fueled by crowdfunding and microfinance sites likes Kickstarter, IndieGogo, and Seed & Spark. With technology, distribution, and finance readily available to hungry creatives this panel of industry pros asks the question “has there ever been a better time to create content?”

Moderator: Thomas Rigler, Principal, Rigler Creative


  • Adam Klaff, Head of Business Development, VHX
  • Caitlin Bergmann, Sr. Social Media Manager, The Concept Farm
  • Emily Best, Founder and CEO, Seed&Spark
  • Jeremy Redleaf, Producer, Actor, Creator, Brackets Creative
  • Mariam Asmar, Social Strategist, McCann-Erickson Worldwide
  • Shilpi Gupta, Director, Changing the Game – The Soccer Documentary
  • Vann Alexandra Daly, "Crowdsourceress" + Crowdfunding Producer, Neil Young's PonoMusic